Muhammad Ahmed

Muhammad Ahmed

Muhammad Ahmed IS a U.K. Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA) who comes from a family of medical health professionals. Although his parents always encouraged him towards medical subjects he, unfortunately, never held much interest in biology and the sight of blood makes him queasy. Since Muhammad was always good with numbers and received 98% in math classes, his parents finally decided to give up their efforts and from then on there was no looking back. He received his ACCA certification from the U.K. He then moved to Jeddah where he worked as an accountant for 3 years, moving to the 2018. He began his public accounting work in 2020 as an intern tax accountant, then joined Miller Ward Aziz as a tax accountant in November 2021. He is working towards acquiring U.S. credentials.

Muhammad is happily married with two toddlers. As a Pakistani, he enjoys indulging in rich foods of his heritage and then works that off at the gym after hours. He loves spending time with his family, hiking and playing cricket with the local teams.

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